Here to support the mental and emotional wellbeing of your staff


Highly engaged teams are 21% more profitable while their turnover rates drop by about 59%.

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Creating wellness in the workplace can be difficult when we're already facing so many challenges in our personal and professional lives.


When people feel depressed or anxious, in many ways that is a reasonable response to the unreasonable situations we find ourselves in.


The good news is that providing wellness programs to staff is not only a very doable and effective way to improve wellbeing in the workplace, but that wellbeing translates into improved performance, and ultimately has significant benefits for the company's bottom line. It’s a win all around.

Research shows that for every dollar invested in employee wellbeing there is an average return of $5.81

When staff experience high levels of wellbeing, performance naturally goes up while sick leave days and unproductive time goes down.

When people have more energy, they are far better able to focus to get things done effectively. This means less hassle, less time wasted following up on a delayed task and happier customers.

As people process their distress and improve their wellbeing, they also experience shifts in their mindset. This results in fewer dramas at work, and better communication and collaboration, all of which create a more optimal environment for innovation.

When wellbeing is ignored, there are consequences.


Unfortunately, we can’t simply decide with a snap of our fingers to be mentally and emotionally well, to not be stressed, to not feel depressed or anxious or to not worry about an upcoming presentation. We need specific and effective processes to accomplish that.

Untreated mental health conditions cost Australian workplaces roughly $10.9 billion per year.


My name is Hugo Ménard. I provide Corporate wellness using scientifically validated mind-body methods. I help people relieve their emotional distress and shift their mindsets.


My work focuses on addressing the deeper roots of problems. This results in a natural and effortless ripple effect that creates lasting improvements.


A workplace with healthy people leads to lower turnover rates, fewer sick days and better performance.


PSYCH-K® facilitator


"Hugo is a kind, compassionate and dedicated individual who is able to connect and make the most of each session you have with him. His unique ability of making strong connections and asking the right questions makes him perfect for this role and provided me with confidence to trust the process and benefit from his coaching.


I was able to uncover blind spots and hidden mental blocks in just two sessions and after working with him I felt lighter both mentally and physically as if a weight had been lifted. My perceptions shifted ever so slightly and then began to compound in the weeks following.


There is true powerful work at play in these sessions and even after a few months since my last session I continue to unlock new insights and feel the benefits continue to unlock in my thinking."

Joey Vaillancourt

Executive director of VIP Partnerships

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