Rapid stress buster

Helping staff shift from overwhelm to focus in a few short minutes

In organisations where workplace health is managed well, financial performance increases by more than 2.5 times

Stressed-out staff often leads to:

  • Poor quality work

  • Low level thinking

  • Bad communication

  • Impaired problem solving

  • Increased sick days


All of which cost the company.


The rapid stress buster package allows you to allocate a certain amount of time every week or month, in which any staff member can work with me to release their stress and upgrade their mindset in just a few minutes.


Where this can be used most effectively:

  • At the beginning of a challenging project

  • When a tough problem arises

  • In the final push to get a project done

  • When someone’s productivity goes down

  • When there’s conflict within a team

  • When you see someone is overwhelmed

  • Just before a big presentation

  • When a new person is finding their feet


Sometimes it’s the little things that get to us. All it takes is one well intentioned yet negative comment to send someone into a downward spiral of self doubt and feeling low which then affects everything else they do.


Catching these challenges early can have a dramatic long term effect, similar to how if a plane pivots just two degrees at the point of takeoff, there is a significantly different destination after many hours of flight.


In an early scientific study on the effectiveness of this work, the reduction in stress hormones was so significant that when the test samples were sent to the lab, the researchers re-checked their equipment and ran the tests again and again because they believed there had been a mistake.


This is not meditation, yoga etc. It is a set of processes specifically designed to release stress at a deep level and rapidly change mindsets.


If you’ve ever tried to calm someone down during a crisis, you’ll know that simply telling them to “calm down” or “take a deep breath” often isn’t very effective. But when working with people using a different approach, I have seen complete overwhelm be processed to a state of being grounded and able to take the next step within just a couple of minutes. This is not always the case, but it can be that fast.

How it works


I’m available for a set amount of time on a specific day(s) each week or month (eg: “from 9am - 11am every Tuesday”). Whoever in your company wants help simply lets me know and I help them with whatever they have. I can also work with a whole team as a unit if each member is willing.


I can also offer this in person (if your workplace is within reasonable distance).


Some finer points:

  • Staff need to have a reasonable amount of privacy when working with me.

  • All interactions in working with people are held in confidentiality.

  • In person sessions are a minimum of 3 hours. Zoom sessions are a minimum of 1 hour




2 - 11  hours a month: $120 per hour

12 + hours a month: $110 per hour


If this resonates with you and you would like to either hire my services or find out more and ask questions to see if this would be a good fit, simply schedule a free (and pressure free) 15 min chat with me by clicking the button below.