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1-1 wellness for staff 

(over zoom, phone or in person)

Organisations that don’t promote health and wellness are four times more likely to lose talent in the next 12 months.



Supporting staff wellness is one of the best ways to improve performance in a sustainable way (and yes, I’m biased). If you’re looking at the bottom line returns and realising that something isn’t working, this could be the solution.


In today’s world, being emotionally and mentally well is a challenge for everyone. And simple self-care practices often aren’t enough for the mayhem of the 21st C. You might notice things amongst the staff like:

  • They seem down, and it’s not something that an energy drink or more coffee will fix.

  • They seem anxious and have difficulty staying calm and focused despite taking deep breaths.

  • There is a significant loss in productivity that is more than time management can address

  • There is tension and conflict when people work together that is more than differing perspectives on the specific task or project.

  • They make obvious errors or get frazzled doing a tasks they are more than qualified to do

  • They overreact when things don’t go as planned, such as snapping at people when they’re in distress 

  • They take more sick days and there’s an increase in absenteeism


You want their performance to improve, for their wellbeing to be present and for there to be more cohesion in the workplace. And, you want these changes to be sustainable and lasting.


You want to help staff to not just relax, but to be healthy, to light up, to be engaged and see new possibilities when working on tough problems in challenging situations. 


Wellness support increases morale and productivity, improves focus and energy, eases any friction between staff members and creates higher performing teams, as well as decreasing turnover rates.

Why this approach?

What I have found is that there are much deeper causes to the problems we face. A very simple example of this is that if you receive criticism that really gets to you, it's likely because it struck a deeper nerve. You might then snap at someone else over a small mistake they made. 


We all have our own buttons that get pushed by specific things. We’re often not conscious of the root cause of those buttons, but that cause is always present, and always having an effect. This can lead to stressful dynamics between staff, higher turnover rates, poor communication and prevent projects from moving forward smoothly.


This deeper distress can be very difficult to work with if you don’t have the right tools. For example, have you ever had a stressful problem and to relax you tried to meditate…but found that not doing something was more distressing? Or you spent time with friends to relax, and although you temporarily felt better, the moment you thought of the problems in your life again, that stress came right back up and nothing had changed to solve the issue?


When these deeper causes are not addressed, not only is it exhausting to our system (meaning staff have less energy, focus, and are more likely to take days off), but the science also shows it makes us less intelligent. The way our brain functions is significantly impeded. (As an example of this, just think about how incoherent a highly stressed person can be.) This means that when there’s this deeper distress, we’re more likely to make poor decisions, think short term and be reactive rather than calm and resourceful. None of these things are conducive to a thriving business.


When this deeper current is not supporting us, we’re fighting the whole time. It’s not good for people’s health or performance. These challenges are most present in the critical moments (such as the deadline for a project), which is why it’s best to get to the deeper layers to help address the issues before they even arise. This makes change sustainable and lasting.


The benefits

When we work with these deeper root stresses, the above problems fade away in a very natural way. The need for specific strategies for each individual issue can become unnecessary. The science is showing that this is far more effective than attempting to use willpower, and can happen very fast (though as with most things, this depends on many other factors).


For example, if someone is new to a leadership position (or even is a veteran in a leadership position) they may be filled with doubts about their abilities and competency that gets in their way. While some doubts might be healthy or legitimate, many aren’t and are more likely to become self fulfilling. They can take up so much of a person's mental and emotional space, that there isn’t much room left for their actual responsibilities.


However, this can be turned around. Those doubts can in a sense be released. New beliefs about their abilities can be added. These new beliefs and this release of stress, then can become self fulfilling.


One significant benefit of this work is that when specific sources of distress are found and released, they never come back. When new beliefs are created for a person, they last. 


In fact, the beneficial changes often continue to happen weeks and months after having worked with someone. This is because the seed is planted. Time then does the rest in transforming that seed into a tree.


That means you don’t have to use endless willpower or a cumbersome amount of strategies to handle the same trigger again and again without ever resolving it. This makes improvement not only easier, it also means they last.


If you can’t walk properly because there’s a bit of gravel in your shoe, you can learn to manage the pain and figure out how to walk in such a way as to minimise it, or you can remove the bit of gravel. Now you’re not only able to walk easily, naturally and with joy, you can run, jump, squat and dance to your heart's desire.


In the workplace this translates into more emotional and mental wellness, improved performance that is not reliant on willpower or more cups of coffee, people being better able to put out the fires that come up with greater calm and confidence.


As this deeper work takes place, people have fewer and fewer forces pulling them in different directions (for example: wanting to lead others but also thinking “I’m not competent enough to do this”).


Moving up in scale, teams can function and communicate better as people work with more ease. Ultimately, this affects the overall vibe of the workplace, improves the company's bottom line and even has a beneficial ripple effect beyond the company itself.


"Hugo is a kind, compassionate and dedicated individual who is able to connect and make the most of each session you have with him. His unique ability of making strong connections and asking the right questions makes him perfect for this role and provided me with confidence to trust the process and benefit from his coaching.


I was able to uncover blind spots and hidden mental blocks in just two sessions and after working with him I felt lighter both mentally and physically as if a weight had been lifted. My perceptions shifted ever so slightly and then began to compound in the weeks following.


There is true powerful work at play in these sessions and even after a few months since my last session I continue to unlock new insights and feel the benefits continue to unlock in my thinking."

Joey Vaillancourt

Executive director of VIP Partnerships

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The logistics


Each person you offer this package to gets 6 sessions with me (each session is 1 hour long). Cost is $610.

These sessions can take place during or outside of their working hours.


Sessions can be over phone, zoom, or in person. If in person, my home office is in Canterbury, Melbourne, Australia. If you would like me to come to the workplace for the sessions there are a few conditions:

  • You’re workplace is within 30 minutes of my place (see above)

  • There is a private room in which the sessions can be conducted

  • There are three or more people for me to do sessions with that are back to back.


I work with the person 1-1 to address any problems and improve their wellbeing.


Everything between myself and the person I’m working with is held in complete confidentiality. They can tell you what they worked on, how it was etc, but I cannot.


If after the 6 session you want to offer them more, you can either either get another package of 6 sessions, or we can find a number that best suits your / their needs. If the goal is achieved before the 6 sessions are up, you can either transfer those sessions to someone else or get a refund on the remaining sessions.


First step


If this resonates with you and you would like to either hire my services or find out more and ask questions to see if this would be a good fit, simply schedule a free (and pressure free) 15 mins chat with me by clicking the button below.

If you’re interested in hiring my services but this is too much, you can check out my "Rapid stress buster” package where I can work with many staff members in shorter bursts. I also offer a workshop where I can teach people how to apply the basics of what I do so that they can release stress and better manage the pressures of work themselves.