Tapping into workplace wellness

101 workshop

A 1 hour experiential workshop, hosted virtually or in person

  • Dramatically and rapidly reduce their stress.

  • Regain focus when things go sideways.

  • Problem solve more effectively.

  • Develop greater confidence at work.

  • Deepen their emotional intelligence.

  • Develop lasting mental and emotional wellbeing.

This is not a lecture, it is a practical, how-to workshop to improve personal wellbeing in the workplace. Research very clearly shows that as wellbeing increases, so does performance.

Have you had enough of the costly and frustrating workplace dramas?


Do you just wish that staff could effectively resolve their personal challenges and emotional reactions?


Would you like your employees to improve their performance and be healthier and happier at the same time?

This workshop is about providing your staff with scientifically validated tools they can use to:

In this workshop you will learn:


  • A practical method to process stress, overwhelm and ‘negative’ emotions. This is especially useful when your stress is intensely visceral and trying to just be mindful of it or ‘get over it’ doesn’t work.

  • How to discover and resolve the root causes of your distress. The benefits of this include:

    • Once the root cause is resolved, that distress is gone for good.

    • You can systematically resolve your buttons.

    • You can shift even long standing problems. eg: fear of public speaking or lack of confidence at work.

    • You can use this as a practical way to develop greater emotional intelligence.

    • All of the above are done without needing willpower or huge amounts of effort.

  • How to find the hidden blocks to improving your wellness and performance.

  • How to apply this knowledge for problem-solving (this is especially useful when brainstorming has failed)

  • How to release the stress from even extremely distressing situations in a safe and gentle way.

  • A process anyone can use to develop a much more resilient base line (rather than constantly overreacting or shutting down in even mildly distressing situations)

During the workshop, participants will have the chance to experience these techniques for themselves, and ask questions at specific points. This means that participants will not only leave the workshop with less stress, they will be equipped with techniques they can use to address the things that get in the way of their performance and wellbeing.


At the end, each participant will also get a pdf instruction manual. It will contain step by step instruction for each technique taught, and cover the key learnings.

If I was to give someone the greatest gift I could give them that would be immediately useful, and I had only 1 hour to do it, this workshop is what I would give them. 

This workshop can be done virtually or in person (if you are located within reasonable distance).

Duration: approximately 1 hour.

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This workshop can be lightly adjusted to focus on different elements of workplace wellness and performance, such as conflict between co-workers, the emotional and psychological aspects of staying healthy, the challenges of stepping into a new role at work etc. This can be discussed during the free 15 minute chat.