Tapping into workplace wellness

101 workshop

This workshop is about providing staff with scientifically validated tools they can use to improve their wellness, be more resourceful, deepen their emotional intelligence, think more clearly and develop deeper resilience in tough times.


Once these tools are learnt, they can be used again and again. This benefits the individual as well as the company.


Here are some of the things you’ll learn in this workshop:


  • A practical method for releasing stress.

  • How to discover and resolve the root cause of your distress. Resolving the root cause provides the following benefits:

    • Once something distressing is resolved, that stress is gone for good.

    • You can systematically address your buttons that keep getting pushed

    • You can change even long standing problems. eg: fear of public speaking or a resistance to eating healthy

    • You can use this as a practical way to develop greater emotional intelligence.

    • All of the above are done without needing willpower

  • How to find the often hidden blocks to improving your wellness and performance

  • How to apply this knowledge to solve problems (which is especially useful when brainstorming fails)

  • How to release the stress from even extremely distressing situations in a safe manner.

  • A process anyone can use to develop a much more resilient base line (rather than constantly overreacting or shutting down in even mildly distressing situations)

  • Why our understanding of motivation and strength are backwards, and a better way to develop these qualities.

  • A simple and easy method to improve brain function that can be used any time and anywhere.


I will walk everyone through these methods in the workshop, that way they not only get a first hand experience (which makes it easier to remember) but in doing so they will also release some of their own stress. This means they will be objectively less stressed when they walk out than when they came in.


Everyone will also get a digital copy of the core learnings from this workshop


If this sounds like something you would like to offer your staff (or you want to find out more to see if it’s a good fit or not), click the button below to schedule a free (and pressure free) 15 minute chat with me.